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Northwest Payment Brokers is the industry leader as a Merchant Services Broker. As a Merchant Service Broker we take the guesswork out of comparing bids by doing the work for you.  We force the top processors in the industry to compete for your business, ensuring that you truly get the best rates available. We then present you with the top choice and assist with setting up or transferring your merchant account.

It’s truly a win - win situation. We get a happy client and you get great rates without the hassle and headache of doing it on your own. We make it easy for you to make the right choice when selecting your merchant processing company.

Northwest Payment Brokers provides credit card processing services to businesses across the United States. We are dedicated to serving the processing needs of retailers ranging from the small corner store to the major retailers and everything in-between. As a full service payment solutions provider we provide our clients with a full suite of products including Credit, Debit, EBT, Cash Advances, Check Conversion and Guarantee, Gift & Loyalty Cards, and ATM’s.

We got our start, as most great companies do, by trying to create a better product for our customers. After being in the industry for over 16 years the owner truly saw and listened to what was working and what was needed. When we asked business owners what they wanted they told us they wanted a no nonsense approach to merchant processing. They wanted someone to do the comparison shopping for them and explain which processor was the best fit for their business. In 2009 Northwest Payment Brokers was opened and continues to offer business owners the support, transparency, efficiency, and integrity delivered at a low rate. Northwest Payment Brokers understands the hassles and victories of being in business. When you combine years of experience, backed by success and authenticity, Northwest Payment Brokers is the top choice.

Becoming a Merchant Services Broker provided us with the ability to do just what business owners wanted. Our Customers can rest assured that they have made a sound financial decision that will positively impact their bottom line for years to come. We help business owners make a smart decision when it comes to merchant services.

Mission Statement

We are committed to evaluating each business situation and finding  a custom fit between a credit card processor and your specific requirements in the most cost effective manner possible. We strive to ensure that you receive superior processing performance, cost-effective electronic payment solutions, and superior customer service to each and every client.