Frequently Asked Questions

I have a specialized software program for my business, can you work with it?

Yes, we generally can.   We work with many different processors and because of this we generally have access to the needed platform your software works with. We can do the homework and find that out if you can provide us with some basic info about your software.   If its not possible we will let you know that as well.   If your software is not widely used it may result in having less processors bid on your account.

What do I need to do to get a bid?

Please scan, email or fax us all the pages of your current merchant processing statement and we will provide you with the top bid within 24 hours. Remember, sometimes the statements are 2 sided and we need both sides of every page. Please attach a cover sheet with your contact information and direct it to the attention of our Sales Department. Our fax number is 253-780-8061.

What are my rates?

Your sales representative will go over the rates and fees associated with the top bid on your account. In general your rates and fees will be affected by your monthly credit card sales, how you accept and take payments and what information you Passover on each sale.  We work to find the best program that fits your day to day business needs.

Do I have to buy a new credit card terminal?

No, We can generally reprogram most terminals if up to date and compliant. If you have an older terminal it may be in your best interest to upgrade to a PCI compliant terminal, which has higher security standards.  We have free terminal placement options for those merchants that need to update their equipment.  We also have Point of Sale Solutions when you are ready to move into a more robust system if and when needed.

What is my monthly statement fee?

Industry standard is between $5-10 for a statement fee. Some processors offer a reduced fee for an electronic statement.  Depending on the program will depend on how it is billed to you so we can go through some options and see what makes sense.  

Can I view my statements on line?

Yes. Each processor has a secure login so you can view your statements, your daily activity, charge backs and disputes as well as some of our providers have the abilities to add in more robust features like employee management and time clock. Just ask your representative and they can assist with some of the additional items that are important to you.

How long does it take to get my funds deposited into my bank account?

It typically takes 1-2 business days but if you need quicker funding just let your representative know.  WE have providers we work with that have later cut off times for Next Day Funding on the West Coast so we can help you get your funds in a timely manner.  

Can you deposit into any bank account?

Yes, as long as it is a bank located in the United States.  It is really simple to get set up so your NWPB Rep will make sure things are set up properly.

My business is opening soon, how long does it take to get an account set up?

Once we receive the application and correct documents, we can have you approved within 1-2 days and same day if we need to rush it.